El Hadi Caoui

Department of Management, UTM
3359 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, Canada

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
105 St. George Street, Toronto, Canada

Email: elhadi.caoui at rotman.utoronto.ca

El Hadi Caoui

I am an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Toronto, appointed at the Department of Management (University of Toronto Mississauga), and cross-appointed at the Rotman School of Management. My research is concerned with applied problems in Industrial Organization. Topics of interest include industry dynamics, competition policy and regulation, and auction and procurement markets.

How to pronounce my last name? Sa-wee

publications & working papers
  • The Impact of Dollar Store Expansion on Local Market Structure and Food Access (with Brett Hollenbeck and Matthew Osborne)
    Abstract   |    Download (Last updated: Jan 2023)   |    SSRN
  • Secret Reserve Prices by Uninformed Sellers (with Pasha Andreyanov) - Quantitative Economics, 13(3), 1203-1256, 2022
    Abstract   |    Download (Last updated: Feb 2022)   |    SSRN
  • Estimating the Costs of Standardization: Evidence from the Movie Industry - Review of Economic Studies, 90(2), 597–633, 2023
    Abstract   |    Download (Last updated: Mar 2022)   |    Online Appendix
  • A Study of Umbrella Damages from Bid-Rigging - Journal of Law and Economics, 65(2), 239-277, 2022
    Young Economists' Essay Award - EARIE 2019
    Abstract   |    Download (Last updated: Feb 2021)

work in progress
  • Market Power and Network Diversity with Andrew Steck
  • Consumer Demand with Social Influences with Chiara Farronato, John J. Horton, and Robert Schultz
  • Entry and Synergies in Sequential Multi-Object Auctions with Renato Giroldo